ECON/BNAD 276: Statistical Inference in Management
In-person Lectures, Summer 2017, Summer 2016

This is a course in statistics for business and economics majors. The main goal of this course is to understand basic probability theory and learn how to use statistics to infer information in data. The course consists of two parts: (1) the first half covers basic probability theory and (2) the second part covers topics in statistical inference such as interval estimation and hypothesis testing.

Syllabus, Summer 2017
Course web page & lecture notes, Summer 2017

Syllabus, Summer 2016
Course web page & lecture notes, Summer 2016

BNAD 301: Global and Financial Economics and Strategy
Online Course, Summer 2018

This is one of three upper division courses that are required for the Eller College of Management's minor in Business Administration. This is an application-based course which studies the financial and economic operations of domestic and world markets. The course is fully online.

Syllabus, Summer II, 2018

Syllabus, Summer I, 2018

Syllabus, Presession 2018